Bond 2018

Under California law, the Local Transportation Authority is permitted to issue bonds on behalf of a Local Agency that is payable from the Measure D Sales Tax Revenues that are allocable to such Local Agency.  In September 2018, the Cities of Calexico, Calipatria and Holtville identified certain street and highway projects that needed to be undertaken and requested that the Authority issue a series of bonds on its respective behalf of each Participating Local Agency that shall be payable solely from the portion of the Measure D Sales Tax Revenues allocable to that Participating Local Agency. Below is a summary of the revenues issued to each Participating Local Agency.

Total Sales Tax Revenue Bonds $16,765,000

$12,375,000 Series 2018A (City of Calexico)

$1,450,000 Series 2018B (City of Calipatria)

$2,940,000 Series 2018C (City of Holtville)


2018 Bond Financing