Local Taxpayer Supervisory Committee (LTSC)

Measure D, is the one-half cent transportation sales tax that was approved by Imperial County voters in 1989 and recently extended in 2008 by an overwhelming 81%. Since 1990, Measure D has generated more than $140 million for transportation improvement projects in each of our cities and throughout the county. In 1989, the Imperial County Local Transportation Authority (ICLTA) was created by the County Board of Supervisors as the Authority Board responsible to oversee the disbursement of funds and to ensure transparency and responsible use of resources.

In July 2010, the Imperial County Transportation Commission (ICTC) had accepted the responsibility for ICTC staff to provide the daily technical support to the ICLTA for administration of receipts and disbursements as allocated by the State Board of Equalization.

As mandated in the passage of the Measure D extension, the Local Transportation Authority (ICLTA), the Local Taxpayer Supervising Committee (LTSC) was created. The LTSC or “ICLTA Oversight Committee” focuses on two (2) goals:

  1. Review the performance of the sales tax transportation program through an annual audit process to ensure that all transportation sales tax funds are spent by the ICLTA in accordance with all provisions of the voter approved Expenditure Plan and Ordinance; and,
  2. Provide positive, constructive advice to the ICLTA on how to improve implementation of the program as well as conduct studies as authorized by the ICLTA.

The three members of the Committee must possess the following professional and/or community credentials:

  1. One member who is a professional, active or retired, in the field of municipal audit, finance, and/or budgeting with at least five years of demonstrated experience in the field of transportation in the public or private sector.
  2. One member who is a licensed civil engineer or trained transportation planner, active or retired, with at least five years of demonstrated experience in the field of transportation in government and/or private sector.
  3. One member who is a current or retired manager of major public and/or privately financed development or construction projects, who by training and experience would understand the complexity, costs, and implementation issues involved in building large scale infrastructure improvements.

LTSC members serve without compensation, except they shall be reimbursed for authorized travel and other expenses directly related to the work of the LTSC.

Current Voting Members

Robertta Burns

Tim Jones

Ex Officio Members

Mark Baza, Executive Director

Josue Mercado, Imperial County Auditor-Controller

George Nava, ICLTA Chairman